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Welcome to Fort Lauderdale/ Tampa/ Fort Myers Kitchen Hood and Exhaust Cleaners.

First of all thank you for stopping by our Central Florida Hood Cleaning site! We have been in business and bringing our commercial kitchens the best service for over 30 years.Our crew is highly trained and only the best professional hood cleaners. We reach Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, and Tampa in Florida. Fat Free Systems has been a member of the International Kitchen Cleaning Associations for 27 years and counting. This means that we strictly follow the National Fire Protection Associations strict guidelines when it comes to cleaning your kitchen hood and exhausts. You won’t have to worry about not passing your health inspector or fire marshal’s inspection when you have us clean your commercial kitchen hoods and vents. We always go over your kitchen exhaust like our lives depend on it, because your customers and employees do! Grease fires are the most common cause of fires in restaurants and we are to prevent that and you won’t ever have to worry again that your kitchen isn’t been kept up to par. Unlike most hood cleaners we also offer duct cleaning which is just as important as cleaning your hoods. Give us a call today and never have to worry again about getting a reliable hood cleaner for your restaurant. You won’t have to constantly be rescheduling cause our timeline will track when your kitchen will need to cleaned again and we will reach out and make an appointment.

Who’s Hoods Need Cleaning In Fort Lauderdale?

All Commercial Kitchens
If you are a owner or manager of a commercial kitchen in or near Fort Lauderdale, Florida you are mandated by the city to have your kitchen hood and exhaust maintained and cleaned on a regular basis.
All restaurants will of course need to have kitchen cleaned routinely by professional hood cleaners. Hotel kitchens, hospitals cafeterias, schools, snack bars, food trucks, churches and any place that serves food to the public should keep up with having their hoods and ducts cleaned.

Size Doesn’t Matter
No matter how big or small your commercial kitchen is or even how often you cook with grease or use the hood above the stove, it is very important that you keep in strict compliance with the NFPA’s code for fire safety pertaining to commercial kitchens

Hoods for Steam
Even if you don’t use your hood and exhaust to control grease odor but use steaming methods or other types of cooking without oils, you should still have your hood and exhaust serviced and inspected from time to time. Hood will still experience build up even if there isn’t a lot of grease used to cook foods in your kitchen.

Why Does My Kitchen Exhaust in Fort Myers Need To Be Cleaned?

Mandated in Your City
Fort Myers has a mandated requirement that all commercial kitchen have their hoods and
exhaust cleaned by the NFPA’s code for fire safety and health purposes. If you don’t have your hood and exhaust cleaned on a timed basis your insurance will not need to help you cover a claim in case of a fire since your are not following the codes set in place for your commercial kitchen. Fire marshall’s are also aware of this mandated code for commercial kitchens and this is something they will also be very concerned about so your kitchen is not creating a fire hazard in your community.

Health Reasons
Hood and duct cleaning is something that your health inspections will also make sure you are keeping up so they will continue to let your keep your restaurant running and open to the public. If grease is building up on your hood, ducts, and exhaust system this can cause your vent fans not to work properly from all the grease clogging the system. This can cause the air not to filter out properly from your kitchen and those toxic grease vapors will stay in your kitchen. If your exhaust system isn’t working properly its will be hard to keep your kitchen sanitary and clean for making food due to the sticky residue. Also your employees could experience respiratory problems because of the vapors from the grease and become sick over time. This is something you can avoid by having your hoods and ducts cleaned on a maintained basis. It is hard to keep your commercial kitchen running if your customers and employees get sick and the health board could shut your restaurant in Fort Lauderdale down all together.

Fire Hazard
Letting your hoods build up with grease is an extreme fire hazard! Do not let this happen! Grease fire are over fifty percent of the reason of fires in commercial kitchens. No matter what form grease is in is very flammable. If your grill flames up underneath your hood, those vapors can ignite and the built up grease will catch within in a matter of seconds and your entire vent, hood and exhaust system could be engulfed. Cleaning your hoods and ducts can help you prevent this from happening in your kitchen and keep your work family and customers in Tampa safe. Don’t try to be cheap and clean the hoods yourself. This should only be done by a professional hood cleaner! If you would just try to clean up the grease with hot water this could actually cause grease to build up worse than ever. You need the correct chemical to break up the grease particles. Keep central Florida free from fires and call us today!

How Often Should My Commercial Kitchen Be Serviced

Cleaning Your Kitchen Hoods Consistently

Depending on what kind of food your restaurant in Tampa, FL serves is going to make a difference on how often you need your hood and exhaust cleaned. Different types of food can even create different types of grease build up or consistency. High grease volume restaurants that serve hamburgers and french fries daily will need to have its hood cleaned more often than a low grease volume bistro type of kitchen that serves soups and salads. Places that stay open for more than the average restaurant will also need a more frequent cleaning due to heavier traffic and kitchen hood and exhaust use. The NFPA recommends kitchens that use char-broiling methods or have a brick oven or wood fired stove will need its exhaust and hood system cleaned up to every 30 days to stay on top of build up that can lead to high risk fire hazard. Most average restaurants, cafeterias and hotel kitchens need to be serviced every 3 to 6 months. Places that use oils and woks like an Asian buffet or cuisine need to be cleaned at least every month to stay on top of the grease build up. Contact a professional hood cleaner if you are unsure of how often your commercial kitchen should be cleaned due to the type of food you serve! Fat Free Systems can also help you with keeping your ducts maintained.

How Fat Free Systems Makes Your Hoods Shine

Top to Bottom
We always clean and inspect your hood and exhaust system from top to bottom to ensure a thorough kitchen cleaning. Don’t be worried about us making a mess in your kitchen because we cover everything around the hood areas with plastic. If you have some heavier grease that has accumulated on your hoods we scrape that off with special scapers that won’t scratch your hood and duct surfaces.

Caustic Chemicals
We used chemicals that are food safe to break down the grease. This is applied with a garden like sprayer so we can get in the hard to reach areas and corners. The chemicals are then made to sit for awhile so even the toughest grease can be broken down and washed away. This should only be applied with professional expertise.

Pressure Washing
Before we begin to pressure wash the grease away, we clip on heavy plastic tarp to the hoods and vents and run these like a funnel into large trash cans used to discard the grease and water. We run hot water thru pressure washers and power wash your hoods and exhausts from top to bottom. All the grease and water will be disposed of as it flows down the tarps into the barrels.

A Shiny Touch
Our final step is to shine up your hoods surface till they look brand new! We alway leave behind a certification sticker with our name , number and the date your hood was cleaned. This helps the health inspector, fire marshal, and insurance agency to know that you are being responsible and having your commercial kitchen cleaned by professional hood cleaners in a routinely manner.

Hassle Free
We mostly work at night. This means you won’t have to open or close early and mess your schedule up to have your hoods cleaned. Having a hood cleaning crew in your kitchen while you try to prepare food for customers would be a complete disaster, so we service your kitchen at night while your sleep so you can have a better daytime kitchen experience. Call us today to get your hoods and ducts cleaned in Tampa, FL!

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