Why Food-Safe Chemicals Are Essential for Hood Cleaning

Don’t be caught off guard! Statistics indicate that cooking fires have been on the rise since 2012, with a whopping 31% increase. As a chef, you have the responsibility to protect your business from this potential hazard and to do so, professional hood cleaners suggest using food-safe chemicals during any cleaning process. Find out more about this important topic!

Forget About Possible Damage

Say goodbye to the days of using harsh and corrosive solvents for commercial hood cleaning! By incorporating food-safe chemicals, you can know that your kitchen equipment won’t be damaged. With these products, there’s no fear of discoloration, pitting, or rusting on stainless steel, aluminum, and other food contact surfaces, which makes them the perfect option for your business!

Forget About Foul Smells!

No one wants a smelly kitchen. Fortunately, food-safe chemicals used by hood cleaning services can effectively break down and remove grease buildup without leaving behind any funky odors. Keeping your kitchen fresh and clean is now easier than ever!

Following Rules Will Never Be This Easy

By using food-safe hood cleaning chemicals, you can rest easy knowing that your commercial kitchen meets NFPA96 and OSHA regulations. This means that you’re protecting your business from the risk of a cooking fire, preventing contamination, and maintaining proper hygiene. It’s an all-in-one solution!

The Right Commercial Hood Cleaning Service For You 

If you’re anxious about finding the best hood cleaners that offer food-safe chemicals, let Fat Free Inc. in Fort Myers, FL, help ease your worries! Our team is certified and insured to provide quality cleaning services with only the safest chemicals for a truly worry-free experience. With us on board, you can rest easy knowing that your kitchen will be secure and clean without risking any health or safety hazards.

Connect with us now to receive your free quote, and once you decide on our service, we can quickly get started. We understand how important the security of your business is for you, and we want to help keep it running smoothly for years!