Commercial Air Diagnostics and Balancing


Fat Free Inc. offers commercial kitchens a comprehensive air diagnostics and balancing service to protect your kitchen in Fort Myers, FL. Our team of experts will carefully test every aspect of your kitchen’s climate control system to ensure it operates effectively. We‘ll also provide recommendations for any changes that need to be made to improve the efficiency of your kitchen. 

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At Fat Free Inc., our commercial air diagnostics and balancing is a process where we monitor and balance the amount of air being distributed through an HVAC system. This helps to ensure that the system is operating correctly and efficiently. It also helps us identify any potential problems with the system so that we can correct them before they cause any damage or harm.

Air balancing is especially important in commercial kitchens, where employees work with potentially dangerous equipment and materials. Our kitchen air balance service helps to ensure that the airflow in the kitchen is adequate and safe for employees. At Fat Free Inc., we also help you improve the efficiency of the HVAC system, which can save money on energy costs.

Why Our Service Matters

A well-functioning kitchen is the backbone of any commercial food operation. From small family-run restaurants to large corporate cafeterias, kitchens must be able to produce large quantities of food quickly and efficiently. You must properly maintain all of the equipment in the kitchen to do this. With Fat Free Inc. you can do so.


At Fat Free Inc., we pride ourselves in providing the services you need for your kitchen. Our air diagnostics and balancing will ensure that quality air runs through your kitchen. Plus, you can rely on us for commercial hood cleaning services and all your commercial kitchen cleaning needs. With us, your kitchen will be running smoothly.

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At Fat Free Inc., we offer commercial air diagnostics and balancing services for your kitchen’s well-being. We have experience working with all types of HVAC systems. We can help you ensure that your kitchen is operating at peak efficiency. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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