Game-Changer: Grease Filter Rental Exchange Program

As a kitchen manager, you know how important keeping your grease filters clean is. Though with all of the other work that needs attending, this task can be easily forgotten. If you feel that this is you, then you should know about grease filter rental exchange programs for restaurants. Read on!

First, What Is This Program About?

To understand the advantages of this new program, you must first become familiar with the basics: 

  1. Rent stainless steel filters for 1-8 weeks from a hood cleaning company that offers the program.
  2. Get a visit from the program’s technicians, who will install as many filters as you need.
  3. Once the lease ends, they will return to get the rented filters back while installing new ones.

This whole process will ensure that your kitchen always follows health codes!

Why This Program Benefits You

Keep Your Business Running

By being part of a grease filter rental exchange program, restaurant staff stays free from the hassle of managing and cleaning filters to keep their attention on food preparation and customer service. With this new plan, your kitchen will continue running smoothly. 

Saving Money Will Be Possible

As commercial hood cleaning companies take full responsibility for the filters, you can forget about paying filter replacements and disposal expenses. Additionally, when using clean filters, energy bills are lowered due to improved airflow. So, save money and enjoy a clean kitchen from now on!

Safety and Quality for Everyone

Investing in hood cleaning services that provide this type of program is a smart financial decision for many reasons, primarily due to their compliance with health and safety regulations. By ensuring filters are kept clean, and of the proper size, you can avoid potential contamination from grease buildup!

Guarantee All These Perks & Get the Right Hood Cleaning Company

Now that you know this incredible opportunity, we are sure you’re eager to connect with a reliable business that can provide these services. Look no further than Fat Free Inc. in Fort Myers, FL! They have been helping restaurants take advantage of their flexible kitchen cleaning solutions for years – now they want the same for YOU! Don’t miss out on all these amazing benefits – contact us today and get started!